What is Grappa?

Grappa is an alcoholic drink obtained through the distillation of fermented or semi-fermented pomace, either directly using steam or after adding water to the alembic.

Pomace is made up of grape skins, stalks and seeds that remain after the grape-pressing stage of the wine-making process; it contains all the aromatic substances in the grape that contribute to giving Grappa its distinctive bouquet.

Grappa is a unique product, because according to a long-established Italian tradition, only fresh and high quality pomace are used as a solid raw material inside the alembic to give it its distinctive aromatic fullness. To be marketed for consumption, Grappa must have an alcohol content of no less than 37.5% by volume.

Producing Grappa is a delicate process. Through the skill and expertise of Italian master distillers, Grappa has come to be recognized as Italy’s premier distilled spirit, a unique product Italians have always enjoyed in times of celebration and moments shared in good company.

Grappa is the most typical Italian spirit

The unmistakable Grappa’s personality has its roots in the Italian traditional distillation culture, since Italians, thanks to their talent and creativity, have developed over the centuries a unique ability in producing distilled spirits.

Italy is the European country with the largest number of agri-food products with Designation of Origin and Geographical Indication recognized by the European Union. It is a further demonstration of the high quality of our productions, but especially of the strong link between the Italian agro-food excellence and its original territory. The EU Geographical Indications System favors the productive system and the economy of the territory; it protects the environment, because the indissoluble bond with the source territory requires the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity; it also supports the social cohesion of the whole community.

The Italian distinctiveness of Grappa is also recognized and regulated by EU law
with Grappa Geographical Indication – GI (firstly, since 1989 under Regulation 1576/89, later superseded by European Regulation 110/2008), which declares that the “Grappa” designation exclusively applies to the pomace-based spirit produced from raw materials obtained from grapes produced and vinified in Italy, and distilled and processed in plants located in Italian territory.

The geographical area indicated for Grappa GI production is the entire territory of Italy. This means that any other pomace distillate produced in EU cannot bear the name “Grappa”.

What is Grappa?
Types of Grappa